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Ethiopian Airlines and Liege Airport decided to prolong relationship

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The long-standing partnership agreement between Ethiopian Airlines Cargo & Logistics Services and Liege Airport has been extended until 2026. For the next five years, Liege Airport, Belgium’s largest cargo airport and Europe’s sixth largest cargo airport, will continue to be Ethiopian Airlines’ cargo hub and a freighter gateway between Africa and Europe. For its freighter operations between Africa and Europe, Ethiopian Airlines Cargo and Logistics Services, Africa’s largest cargo network operator, has partnered with Liege airport.

Mr Enquanhone Minyashal, Acting Managing Director of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo and Logistics Services, said, “We are pleased to have renewed our collaboration agreement with our long-standing partner airport at a time when we are experiencing remarkable expansion in our cargo destinations and capacity.” Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services has been delivering rapid and secure cargo transportation services across Europe and beyond in association with Liege Airport for the past 15 years. With our renewed commitment to Liege Airport, we will work to improve our freighter operation over the next five years to better. Ethiopian Airlines, as the largest pan-African carrier, will continue to deepen its relationship with Liege Airport in order to expand its freighter operations between Africa and Europe.”

“First and foremost, Liege Airport would like to congratulate Ethiopian Airlines and all of its workers and partners on their 75th birthday,” stated Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial of Liege Airport. We are proud to have been a part of Ethiopian Airlines’ success story for nearly 15 years, and LGG will continue to be Ethiopian Airlines’ cargo hub in Europe. Looking back from the beginning to where we are now, Ethiopian has flown 15,000 freighter flights into LGG, carrying close to a million tonnes of cargo.”

“However, as Steven Verhasselt points out, this is in the past and can be regarded a strong start. Today, we are rejoicing in the future. Ethiopian and LGG have renewed their collaboration agreement, which not only confirms LGG as the European Cargo hub for the next five years, but also specifies that Ethiopian will become much more than just a carrier flying into LGG. In the future, a separate freight hub could be built in Liege North, with Ethiopian serving as the first customer. We are quite excited for this next stage, which will enable Ethiopian to better service its clients. LGG will be the Ethiopian hub and the key freighter gateway between Africa and Europe more than ever before.

Ethiopian Airlines has been ranked #1 by passenger and cargo traffic in 2020, according to a research by the African Airlines Association (AFRAA). Ethiopian Airlines’ primary hub, Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, handled 500 thousand tonnes of freight and 5.5 million passengers.

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