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8 of the best parks to explore in Addis Ababa

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"Addis Ababa's Green Oasis"

The beautiful Addis Ababa Parks

Tucked away in the core of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is a remarkable city deeply rooted in a rich historical and cultural legacy. Yet, amidst its bustling urban landscape, the city also has a unique green oasis: the Ethiopian Park. This lush haven provides locals and visitors a serene escape from the city’s lively atmosphere, offering a harmonious blend of natural splendor, treasured cultural heritage, and diverse recreational activities for all age groups. Discover the enchanting allure of Addis Ababa’s Ethiopian Park. This hidden gem truly captures the essence of Ethiopia’s natural beauty and rich traditions.

"The Verdant Heart of Addis Ababa"

Entoto Park

Entoto Park is a popular recreational and cultural destination located in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Situated on the slopes of Mount Entoto, the park covers an area of around 1,300 hectares. It lies at an altitude of approximately 3,200 meters above sea level. It is part of the Entoto Natural Park, which includes Entoto Mountain and the surrounding forest. The park allows visitors to explore the stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking views of Addis Ababa.

Entoto Park was established to promote eco-tourism and raise environmental awareness while preserving the natural habitat and providing a green space for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some of the key features and attractions of the park include:

1. Scenic views: The park offers panoramic views of Addis Ababa and the surrounding landscape, making it an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

2. Hiking and biking trails: Several hiking and biking trails within the park allow visitors to explore the diverse flora and fauna while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

3. Historical and cultural sites: Entoto Park is home to various historical and cultural sites, such as Entoto Maryam Church, Emperor Menelik II’s Palace, and the Entoto Observatory and Research Center. These sites provide insights into Ethiopian history and culture and the country’s efforts in astronomy and space science.

4. Picnic areas and recreational facilities: The park features designated picnic areas and recreational facilities, making it an ideal location for families and groups to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

5. Wildlife: Entoto Park is home to several species of wildlife, including endemic birds and mammals such as the Ethiopian wolf, Menelik’s bushbuck, and various species of monkeys. Birdwatching is a popular activity in the park, as it hosts numerous endemic and migratory bird species.

Entoto Park serves as a peaceful haven away from the busy atmosphere of Addis Ababa, presenting a distinctive blend of picturesque scenery, rich cultural legacy, and leisure pursuits for guests of every age.

Entoto Park

"Addis Ababa: An Urban Jungle Adventure"

Unity Park

This unique park is located within the grounds of the National Palace of Ethiopia and is home to a variety of animals, some of which can be seen at the zoo, aquarium, and aviary. There are pavilions for each area of Ethiopia, providing an introduction to the varied culture of the nation. If you want to continue studying about history after that, you can have a guided tour of some of the palace.

አንድነት ፓርክ unity park addis ababa
africa park addis ababa

"Nature's Touch in Addis Ababa"

Africa Park

In Addis Ababa, the dynamic capital of Ethiopia, lies the African Park, a splendid green space that showcases the continent’s diverse natural and cultural heritage. This urban oasis provides a serene escape from the bustling city, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Africa’s captivating beauty and history.

The African Park in Addis Ababa is designed to represent various aspects of the African continent with carefully curated landscapes, flora, and fauna. As you wander through the park, you can discover a variety of ecosystems, such as savannahs, rainforests, and desert environments, reflecting the vast ecological diversity of Africa.

In addition to its natural beauty, the park also celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. Visitors can find statues, monuments, and installations representing the continent’s distinct cultures, historical events, and influential figures. These artistic expressions provide insights into the customs, beliefs, and stories that have shaped Africa’s identity over the centuries.

The African Park in Addis Ababa also offers various recreational activities for all age groups. Well-maintained pathways invite visitors to explore the park on foot or by bicycle, while designated picnic areas and playgrounds provide ample space for families to relax and enjoy the outdoors. In addition, educational programs, guided tours, and workshops are frequently organized to foster a deeper understanding of Africa’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage.

A visit to the African Park in Addis Ababa is a journey through the heart of Africa, allowing guests to experience the continent’s diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and fascinating history without leaving the city.

"Ethiopia: A Mosaic of Splendor"

Ethio-Cuba Park

Ethio-Cuba Park, also known as Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park, is a unique and historically significant park located in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Established to commemorate the strong diplomatic relations and historical ties between Ethiopia and Cuba, the park is a symbol of the enduring friendship between the two nations.

The park is situated in the Bole Sub-City, a bustling area of Addis Ababa, and offers a serene environment for visitors to relax and reflect on the historical connections between Ethiopia and Cuba. The park is designed to showcase elements from both countries, with a careful blend of Ethiopian and Cuban flora, as well as art installations and monuments that represent their shared history.

One of the main attractions of the park is the Ethio-Cuba Friendship Monument, a remarkable structure that honors the Cuban soldiers who fought alongside Ethiopian forces during the Ogaden War in the late 1970s. The monument serves as a powerful reminder of the solidarity and cooperation between the two countries in times of adversity.

In addition to its historical significance, Ethio-Cuba Park also provides various recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy. Well-maintained walking paths, picturesque gardens, and seating areas invite guests to unwind and appreciate the park’s natural beauty. The park is also an ideal destination for families, as it features playgrounds and picnic spots where children and adults can relax and spend quality time together.

Ethio-Cuba Park in Addis Ababa is not only a testament to the strong bonds between Ethiopia and Cuba, but it also serves as a peaceful haven for visitors seeking respite from the bustling city life. It is a place where people can learn about the intertwined histories of the two countries and enjoy a tranquil environment filled with natural beauty and historical significance.

Ethio-Cuba Park
ambassador park addis ababa

"Parks of Addis: Urban Greenery"

Ambassador Park

Ambassador Park is a beautiful green space located in the heart of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Named in honor of the many ambassadors and diplomatic missions residing in the town, the park symbolizes international friendship and cooperation, reflecting Addis Ababa’s status as a diplomatic hub and the seat of the African Union.

Situated in a prime location within the city, Ambassador Park offers visitors a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. The park is carefully landscaped, featuring a mix of lush green lawns, colorful flowerbeds, and various indigenous and exotic trees, providing a serene and refreshing environment for locals and tourists.

One of the park’s key attractions is the collection of monuments and plaques dedicated to the numerous ambassadors and diplomatic missions that have played significant roles in fostering international relations and collaboration in Addis Ababa. These installations offer a glimpse into the city’s diplomatic history and underscore the importance of international cooperation and understanding.

Ambassador Park also offers a range of recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy. Paved walkways and jogging paths wind through the park, making it ideal for outdoor exercise or strolls. Families can use the children’s playgrounds and picnic areas. In contrast, others may find solace in the quiet corners of the park, perfect for reading or contemplation.

Ambassador Park in Addis Ababa celebrates the city’s rich diplomatic history and commitment to fostering international friendship. With its lush greenery, historical significance, and recreational amenities, the park provides a welcoming space for locals and visitors to relax, unwind, and appreciate the spirit of global unity.


"Exploring Addis Ababa's Green Getaways"

Friendship Park

One of the bigger parks in the city, Friendship Park, has a lot of features that make it worthwhile to visit, like a lovely lake teeming with fish, waterlilies, and occasionally even a duck. Thanks to the paved roads that are good for jogging and the lengthy staircases for some vigorous cardio, it’s also a terrific area to go for an early morning run. Early-morning yoga classes are also accessible in the park by arrangement. After your workout, treat yourself to a meal at one of Friendship Park’s two eateries. Then, indulge in a sweet treat at the ice cream shop or just stop by the juice bar to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

friendship park addis ababa
peacock park addis ababa

"Ethiopia: Land of Ancient and Wild Beauty"

Peacock Park

This little-known park in the Bole district of Addis provides a wonderful respite from daily life (also known as Central Park). Find the stone buildings that line the neighboring riverway and decorate the park’s external walls to get a sense of how surreal it feels. This park is fantastic for anyone looking for a hidden gem because of its creative construction, lush grounds, and diverse vegetation.

"The Green Lungs of Addis Ababa"

Golla Park

This well-kept park, which is home to many old trees, also houses the St George Gallery, which presents exhibitions of modern visual art. The park is a lovely and comfortable spot to spend an afternoon, whether you’re reading a book, drinking coffee, or simply lounging around.

Golla Park

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